Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's Been Three and Half Months in Phoenix...

Guy and I continue to discover Phoenix and some areas of Arizona.   As this is the year we set everything up, bought a used car, purchased insurances and it was costly, we are keeping travel to a minimum.  However, we have made new friends here that live close to us and with them we are taking an overnight trip to Bisbee, AZ and get this...staying overnight in a motel that is a bunch of old Airstream trailers!!!!  It is called "Shady Dells" and is one of those "funky" things about America!  http://www.theshadydell.com/

Last Friday we went to an old movie, outdoors, in the park at the Biltmore shopping center.  It was an old Audrey Hepburn movie, Roman Holiday, and that was really fun...and free.  We have visited museums on "free days", go to movies on "senior fares" and when we have shopped for clothes to leave here at the condo we go to these really great "resale" shops.  So now we have "Condo decor by IKEA" and wardrobe by "My Sister's Closet".  We have also joined the Library and love going to get books or DVD's.  It is amazing how you don't need to spend a lot of money to enjoy yourself in this town.  With 2 homes and Guy on a pension, it has definitely been the good choice.  Of course there are outdoor activites.  Hiking, driving to beautiful mountain ranges is really nice too.  I have a new perspective on desert flora and fauna.  Flowers are in bloom in the desert right now and it is really beautiful.

Unfortunately, with all the rain we had this year (which put in perspective of what the weather has been everywhere else, it has been nothing!) allergy season is in full bloom.  Not only have we all been itching our eyes and sneezing, but everyone I know has had a really bad cold.  But really, can't complain.  The weather is wonderful and having a pool and patio is such a luxury.

Guy, himself, seems to be having a wonderful time and having this new guy friend allows him to have time to himself and the same for me.  So even with one car, we are not ALWAYS having to be together.  Anyway, I am sure there will be an adjustment period when we come back to France.

I am off to find out how to do taxes, hopefully, for 2009.  This has been a REAL HASSLE with Guy's new green card status and being in the US during the tax deadline.  I am so confused.  In Elizabeth Bard's new book, "Lunch in Paris" she says something to the effect that she has a leg on each side of the Atlantic and her knees are starting to "buckle"....I know the feeling!!

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  1. tax season is enough to weary anyone...stand strong! EB