Sunday, May 2, 2010

Things I will Miss and Things I Won't...bien sur!

Leaving this week for France and Guy and I are a bit sad.  Our first experience together staying in the US for a long time in our new condo.  As for me, (and I think "The Guyster" will concur) some of the things I will miss about leaving...

  • Good, real good Mexican food. I love the French for their food, but Mexican cuisine is one they don't really get
  • Going out for a filling, cholesterol-filled American breakfast.

  • Fabulous barbeque baby back ribs with a side of baked potatoe
  • Arizona sunsets....they can be amazing.....

Things I WON'T miss....
  • Pick up trucks, especially ones that look like this ====>
  • Arizona summer heat!
We will miss our American friends and revoir!

But to our French friends and family...a bientot!

Et bisous tout le monde

1 comment:

  1. cholesterol-filled American breakfast! I am Canadian, living in Paris and I do miss this type of breakfast (even if I never had it very often while in Canada). 2 eggs, bacon, blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and hashbrown...with the bad american coffee (this I don't miss).